Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm a Bruiser
Somehow I feel compelled to share my pain. I'm sure everybody bruises from giving blood, but I'm a total wimp about it. This picture was taken a couple of days ago. It has come along nicely since then. Today it has transitioned into more of a blue-green phase.

On Set with Roos
Yesterday Hans had to be on set for a video shoot to supervise some of the effects shots. The location was this old abandoned mental institution campus. It's really rugged and run-down, although some of the rooms are still decorated with construction-paper trees and stars. It would be really creepy if you were the easily-creeped-out type.

There were also some kangaroos behind one of the buildings. I love them.

While the 2-hour timeframe we were going to be there turned into a 4-hour timeframe, it was still fun as long as you forgot about the cold. Once they set up the generator and lights, we just tried to stay as close to the heat-producing lights as we could. I also got put to work holding up the green screen. I had fun hanging out with some of the familiar faces, and also had a nice time talking to some new ones. One guy is from Florida and is here with YWAM setting up a film school. We spent quite a while talking about all the stuff we miss about the States. The band and the actress were very nice too. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Post Project Runway Recap
Let me just start off by saying that I was thrilled to find out that another season of Project Runway was just around the corner. Having been addicted since the first episode of season one, I was afraid the show wasn't going to be the same without being glued to the television with my beautiful roommate.

I was so happy that Hans is impressionable enough to become an instant fan on my behalf. So much so, that he bought the first season on DVD with his Christmas Amazon gift certificate. (A DVD that has been passed around to more people here than I can even count... we're starting a new Australian craze. You'll also see a few of Diana Eng's "Fashion Nerd" buttons floating around here thanks to me.)

Road to the Runway
I'd say this was mostly fun, but since I saw it after we watched the first episode, there was little surprise. Though how can anyone not be completely charmed by Jay McCarroll? Talking about how he's been doing his research into the business end of fashion and how he doesn't want his garments made out of flammable material at a factory where people get shot. So great.

Episode One: Possible Spoilers
Here are some immediate thoughts on this season's contestants:

Vincent: Poor guy. He's obviously enthusiastic, but I feel bad thinking that he's sitting at home watching the way he was edited. We decided he's a combination of Elton John and Derek Zoolander.

Kayne: Meh. He kind of grates on me, but that could change if he comes up with some amazing designs. What was up with that antenna coming out of his dress? (Kayne's myspace)

Robert: I had no real opinion on him until he made his comment about working for Isaac Mizrahi being the best and worst experience of his life... just waiting for someone to ask him to dish the dirt about the creator of my shower curtain. I yelled out: "Oh that is so NASHVILLE!" Being able to drop names is truly an artform, but he just seemed sleezy to me after that. His dress was cute though, so I'm torn.

Uli: I want her to be the Kara Janx of this season, being accented and earthy. I don't know if she has it in her, but I'll give it time. I didn't become a Kara convert until later in last season either.

Stacey: I spent the episode watching her forehead to try and decide if she had botox or if she is just extremely blessed for a 40-year-old. It was too early to care whether she stayed or went.

Katherine: She's cute but didn't get enough airtime for me to really "get" her. Liked the comment about the feather allergy sufferers though. Seems typically midwestern normal to me. (Katherine's myspace)

Keith: I liked him at first, and then I didn't. He's kind of a bastard, and that's unfortunate, because I think he could make some pretty clothes. I was aghast that they gave him the win, since he used a bedsheet and buttons. I was completely on board with Tim Gunn when he asked where the innovation was with that garment.

Angela: She rubs me the wrong way. Every time she shows up on screen I try to decide how many mini marshmallows you could stuff in her nostrills. I don't enjoy her interviews. She lives in the middle of "quote-unquote nowhere"... gah, be quiet. I couldn't ever remember her name and will probably call her "Roz" from now on, because she reminds me of Peri Gilpin on Frasier. (Angela's myspace)

Laura: I love her. She oozes class at this point, and I hope that she doesn't turn all Wendy Pepper on us.

Alison: She's totally cute and seems really sweet. She seems to have a good eye. Was a little concerned about the puffy front of her dress, but otherwise it was cute. (Alison's myspace)

Bradley: This one is a toss-up. I couldn't really give an opinion on him. He seems like a fun person, but I think he has potential to be a little crazy. (Bradley's myspace)

Jeffrey: My first reaction was that he could be cool, but I'm not so sure anymore. I know he does all this rock-star clothing, but I just didn't like his dress at all. I just don't have the energy to care about another Santino. (Jeffrey's myspace)

Malan: Oh eww. He is such a slimey sleezeball. He totally creeps me out. What is with that accent? Even Tim Gunn does not know. I'm sorry, being born in Taiwan does not explain it. Methinks someone watched too much Rowan Atkinson. (Malan's myspace)

Bonnie: She seems really nice, and I just like her. Hopefully she learned from this challenge and does some great, better-fitting designs in the future.

Michael: I am cheering for him because (1) he's from Hotlanta, (2) he's shown that he can be innovative, and (3) hello, Knight Rider??

If you didn't click that link above, be sure to read this interview with Tim Gunn. He dishes it out about last season (Daniel turns into a prick, surprise, surprise) and this season.


Jul 17 2006, 07:19 am

oh - oh my gosh - this post is AWESOMELY awesome!

Your links are fabulous!!!!
I had no idea Captain Hotlantas last name was Knight - that is KILLER!

Malan creeps me out too - my friend libby called him some sort of creeped out version of Tim Curry. Plus when he talks the top half of his mouth and the bottom half go in different directions. I think the whole thing is some stupid act - how could it not be though right? UGH!

Poor Vincent. I totally thought he shouldve been "auf'd" but in the same strength that I pitty him, I also maybe kind of want to see more? I dont know why...

I dont like Anglea.
Bradley might get better...
Laura reminds me too much of a character actor. I admire that she has her style down, but I'm not so sure its that its classy, but its been done.

Jeffery - im sorry. You tattoo your face? Youre an idiot.

Allison's adorable - I want to see more of her - but not necessarily her clothes, so Im not sure if that's going to work for her. She seems too "nice" to be agressive enough to win this.

The rest of them Im just waiting to see what happens. But how awesome that there is a Pagent Dress designer this season - heeee!

Oh and Tim Gunn needs some new catch phrases. The "Gather round people" and "Make it work" are starting to grate on me.

Last season's chemistry between Andre / Santino and Tim was just classic. I hope I'm not spoiled.

9:14 PM  

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