Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If I Could Roll My Eyes Further Back in My Head, I Would
Super thanks go out to you Gateway Grizzlies. Thanks to you this doughnut burger is being broadcast on the NEWS here as being the "latest craze to hit America". Cue the "fat American" comments. If I had a baseball bat within reach, ooooo....

Project Runway
This could be a potential scandal spoiler. Mmmhmm... mmmhmm. Not surprised here.

Ooo and the Runway recap is up at Four Four. It's by far my favourite site to read after I've seen the episode!

Roaming Through Roma
Yesterday after my x-ray, we wandered through the Roma Street Parkland. It was so beautiful outside, and it was nice to just be away from people.


Jul 21 2006, 01:18 pm

Jay and I actually saw something about the krispy burger on t.v. Yay, let r rip.

9:10 PM  

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