Thursday, July 13, 2006

I ♥ the Police
Today we went to the police headquarters. I was wearing my "cranky" socks (literally, they've got a big frowny face on them and they say "cranky") and was fully prepared to cry if I had to in order to get some help in the fingerprint department.

Officer Kim was a GEM and helped us immediately. Seriously. Such a sweet man. We explained how we had just gotten married and how this is all for the visa and that good stuff. He said that he's been married for 28 years... 20 of which have been wonderful.

I asked if the 8 years of not-so-wonderful were at the beginning or the end. He said they were somewhere in the middle and then offered us some genuine advice to make sure that we keep our sense of humor during the rough times and not to give up. Did I mention he was such a sweet man? Sweet!

We told him about the debacle yesterday at our friendly suburban police station, and he rolled his eyes saying that he wished places like that would just call him and ask what to do instead of insisting on doing it their way. He apologized for our run-around, and then when it came time to leave, he told us that normally they want him to charge $23 for that service. As he handed me the envelope with my fingerprints inside, he said, "But I won't tell if you don't." And he pointed us towards the door.

I wanted to hug the man. Someone was smiling down on me. With all the other immigration costs, that's $23 that can be spent on something else.

Something Else
Beautiful Bic Runga is playing at the Tivoli next month. I'm just wishing.... (Although, we watched a special about her while we were in New Zealand, and I think Hans is a convert. So much so that he shushed me in the grocery store last night to point out that it was her playing on the background music.) :)

Carry On
Madly checking our "sources" for the premiere of Project Runway season three. Can we please just have one more return of Daniel Franco? (Oh my gosh, he has a myspace.) Granted, I didn't love him so much the first season. But he grew on me last year.


Jul 13 2006, 03:45 pm

do it do it do it ...
or I can send you the new special release live DVD?

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