Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dad Calls Me "Grace" for a Reason
No one really needs to know about this, but I can't stop telling people. Well, first I'll explain that lots of houses here are raised on "stilts" and then people park their cars underneath or just use it for storage or whatever.

So to get in our house you go up the stairs. Underneath it is all closed in, but his folks park their car in there, and there's a little storage room, and that is also where our washing machine is.

I should also explain, if I haven't already, is that while most people own a washing machine, I know of two people who own a dryer. It's just not a common thing to get the set. Instead, you hang your clothes up to dry. (Which I would tend to do with most of my things anyway, but sometimes you need a good dry cycle to de-lint your towels!)

Okay, so washing machine under the house. Clothesline on the veranda upstairs. With me?

I did some laundry yesterday and was filling the machine for the next load while I was going to quick run the original load upstairs and exchange for the dirty pile. I was wearing a long skirt doing the penguin walk up the stairs since my hands were full and couldn't hold it up. Long story short. (More like a short story short.) I was in a hurry to get up and down again before the cycle started, and I managed to fall UP the stairs.

I caught myself with my left knee and left hand while the right hand got cut on the plastic laundry basket. I was fine but shaken.

This morning, however, I am stiff and sore. My bandaid stuck to the wound, so when I took it off to shower, it took with it whatever bits of healing were happening underneath. And the bruise. Oh the bruise.

It wouldn't be a big deal, but I have my medical exam next week. This brings my Giant Bruise Tally up to four. I just don't feel like explaining how graceful I can be.

Behold, the First Article Mention
The local entertainment paper has an article with Chris, former housemate, in regards to the show this weekend. I'm just excited. First show.

Gotta go get my chest x-rayed now. Maybe I should ask for a full-body one to make sure I didn't fracture my shin yesterday. *sigh*


Jul 17 2006, 11:21 pm

i love you.
i'm used to falling up things myself.
and then there was the time that roy and I were hanging out at parachute and I fell down the hill. yep, classy.

9:11 PM  

Jul 18 2006, 01:50 pm

aw, i can totally relate, girl. grace is just not something i've been gifted with. you poor dear! i hope you feel better and less sore soon! :) *hugs*

9:11 PM  

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