Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sick in the Suburbs
I'm not going to point any fingers, but someone made me sick. All I know is that we made chicken soup for Lisa when she wasn't feeling well a couple weeks ago. Then Daniel came down with some sort of throat thing that made him have scratchy-voice for a week. Then Hans started to feel yucky, and finally on Monday, I succumbed to the illness.

Yesterday I felt mostly like poo, and my wonderfully recovered hubby bought me the latest Notebook: magazine (my Australian substitute for Real Simple. He's also charged the PSP and left me with LocoRoco... and I'm in love.


Jun 27 2006, 10:21 pm

hehehe. :)

3:30 PM  

Jun 29 2006, 04:53 pm

When I was little, 4th of July always shaped up as follows:

9 AMish - load up the car with lawn chairs and drive over to the center of town to watch the big parade, featuring fire trucks, political candidates, wacky fringe groups, local marching bands, etc.

come home, drink lemonade.

noonish - ride our bikes (decorated with red white, and blue crepe paper) around the block for the neighborhood block party. Opened with a bike "parade" that inevitably turned into a race up the street. Other activities included a potluck barbeque, rides on a real fire engine, games including a volleyball court, a waterballoon toss, and, get this, a rented Snow Cone Machine! (Not so great for your middle of winter situation, but pretty great for a Washington, DC summer.)

After this, we headed home again, and then shortly before dark we'd head back over to the hill behind the local middle school to watch the fireworks. They were usually running behind on the program, so we had to wait for the municipal band to finish and pack up. Eventually we'd lie back and watch the sky. (Private fireworks were illegal in our county, and my parents wouldn't have let us near them even if they weren't. So watching the official display was as close as we ever got.)

Don't know if that helps with the Australian conundrum, but...

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