Friday, April 21, 2006

The Scientology Alarm Clock
I have to admit that I have the best alarm clock ever. He comes into my room every morning after he's put the kettle on and (usually) gently coaxes me awake with soft words of waking encouragement... only leaving me to put a cup of coffee together for me. Seriously, girls, my man brings me a coffee in bed every morning... and I didn't even have to train him.

Yeah, well, this morning it wasn't quite like that. We were going to take a later bus in to the city, so I guess my extra sleep-in time was supposed to be enough to make me want to jump out of bed. The following conversation ensued:

Him: Get up.
Me: Mmmmph.
Him: It's time to get up.
Me: I don't want to.
Him: You've only got thirty minutes. Let's go.
Me: Couldn't we use the Scientology Silent Wake-up Method? You know, where you don't say anything that might cause stress or anxiety to the Waker?

Australian Gripe #437
Why don't any of their stores have websites containing anything remotely helpful in figuring out what they actually sell and/or how much it might set you back? It's just sick. And to think I used to complain about not being able to order my groceries online in Nashville.

Exhibit A I saw a flyer in the paper yesterday with a cute set of dishes, so I thought I'd check their website to see other potential designs. Alas, they just have gifs of the same ad on their site.

Exhibit B They are closer to showing their merchandise, or at least a few select products. But their "Shop from Home" option is completely deceiving. (Compare and contrast with the American version-- and speaking of which, I totally want the Isaac Mizrahi tulip shower curtain! Maybe I'll order it. ONLINE. From THEIR WEBSITE. Grr.)


Apr 21 2006, 02:10 pm

Yeah, but did you see the peony skirt? I'm in love!

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