Sunday, April 23, 2006

Geekfest '06
Woo... we saw Summer Glau last night, and I thought I'd post a few pics for those of you who care. (Aimee, I knew you were cool before, but I had no idea how cool. Serenity rules!)

She did a brief Q&A before the movie. She was very grateful for the warm Aussie welcome that she had received. When asked what her most meaningful Firefly moment was, she said it was probably at the end of filming "Objects in Space". She had been on set every single day, and at the end Joss gave her a big hug and said how proud he was of her. She got a little teary when she told about it.

She was also asked which was her favourite stunt, which she then attempted to sort of recreate even though it ended up not being used, because she hurt herself the first time she tried to do it on set.

Then there were a few other questions from people who just wanted to hear the sound of their own voices. And someone asked about her next project -- which starts in Louisiana just after she returns from Oz, and it's about a set of twins who figure out that they are witches or something like that.

But anyway, when we heard that this screening was a part of this big Supanova thing, we joked about bringing cans of spray deoderant along to pass down the rows of the theater... little did we know how much we REALLY should have done it! Eww. Guys need to learn that girls can love geeks... I mean, I'm proof. But stinky geeks? Not so much.

Stress and Stuff
Just as a side note... we're moving next Saturday. (Internet could be down for a while.) We're also in the middle of immigration stuff. And there should be some definitive news in the wedding department coming real soon, once we've hashed some more stuff out with our parents. With all that said, I'm starting to feel as though I might crumble from the weight of the stress, so any prayers or positive vibes you could throw our direction would be appreciated.


Apr 23 2006, 05:06 am

time for a phonecall? i'm happy to listen if you want to destress!

love you babe.. can't wait to hear the story behind the fact that you're moving..

8:32 PM  

Apr 23 2006, 09:51 am

Hope all the stressful stuff goes ok!

8:33 PM  

Apr 24 2006, 12:25 pm

Summer looks lovely. Especially the last pic - what was she demonstrating? Her crow walk?

Hee hee.

8:33 PM  

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