Friday, March 10, 2006

Back in Brissie
It was with mixed emotions that I went back to the airport on Wednesday morning. That mixture of sad/happy/relieved/nervous/tired/refreshed. It was such a nice and relaxing time. And it's no secret that I love New Zealand, and more so because Tash is there.

Thanks for the beautiful time of retreat, Tasheesh!

A Conversation
At the airport. A brush with celebrity.
Tash: Just so you know, you were in line with P-Money. The short one. He's a rapper.
Me: Well, I sorta thought those guys looked like they must be in a band, but then I thought, naah, they are just children.

We don't get reception at my current dwelling, so we've been watching shows on DVDs ever since I got here. Marj has something like seven seasons of M*A*S*H, but believe it or not, one can get sick of M*A*S*H after a while*. However, we just got a whole new crop of shows. Chris bought this great Brit comedy Hardware. We're borrowing Lisa's first season of House, M.D.. I just got my DVDs of Significant Others, and Hans got season one of Project Runway. Yippee!

* This reminds me of a hilarious sight we encountered when Hans and Marj brought me to the airport on Saturday. We were waiting in line for some coffee, and there was an Asian lady in front of us. She was wearing a green camouflage hat that said "H*A*S*H" on it. We all sort of wondered if she knew what it said.

Game Addiction
I must say, if I haven't before, that I am completely addicted to Weboggle. I totally suck, but I'm finding that my scores have been improving lately.

Teary, My Dearie
Thanks for the note, Erin. I got a little weepy. LOVE!

Also, I was so sad the other day, because I was using my little prayer card that I got at Alektor Cafe as a bookmark... and we couldn't find the book! I told Hans all about how I got that card the last time the three of us were together in Nashville right before I came to visit him the first time. But we found the book yesterday morning, so when I got home to find you letter, I was like "this is one of the bookmark girls!"


Mar 09 2006, 11:43 pm

hey you know what.. he was going to melbourne i'm guessing.

8:44 PM  

Mar 10 2006, 07:25 am

Haha, yeah, I looked it up. Apparently the bigger guy with the Dirt Records shirt is from another band on the label, and they were both playing some show in Melbourne. Funny.

8:44 PM  

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