Thursday, February 16, 2006

Heart-Attack Averted
A couple weeks ago, I misplaced my engagement ring. And while I was in a bit of a tizzy until I found it, I knew that it was in the house somewhere. I had just put it in a different spot than I normally do when I took it off to wash the dishes.

We still haven't gotten it resized, and I know that I should be careful. Especially because when my hands are cold, it makes my finger even narrower, and it has fallen off a couple of times when I barely noticed it.

But last night, I thought it was gone for good.

We were supposed to be meeting up with some people for dinner before swing dancing. I had put the bottles of soda in a different plastic bag, and we left the office with BRyan who was going to be bringing us to the aforementioned friends' house. A little ways down the sidewalk, Hans asked if he could take the drinks from me and took the bag from my left hand. Three steps later, I realized my finger was naked.

We looked in the bag. We retraced our steps. We searched and searched. BRyan went back to check in the office. Hans crawled through the grass. I couldn't see anything through my tears.

For over 30 minutes, we searched. We looked on the road. We unwadded the paper towels in the garbage. We looked under, over, and through things.

The sun was setting. Passersby on the sidewalk wished us luck. I prayed. Hans reassured. BRyan was about to check the yellowpages for metal detectors.

Then in a moment of clarity, I went back to the office kitchen. I remembered that I had washed my hands and not dried them very thoroughly before I had put the drinks in a new plastic bag, because one handle on the original one had broken. I checked the top drawer where I had looked for another plastic bag. Nothing.

I opened the second drawer with piles of plastic bags inside. Didn't see anything.

Pulled out two bags off the top and started shaking them out. My ring bounced to the floor. I cried.

My gelatinous limbs could barely carry me outside. I wasn't sure at which point to yell. "I found it!" The guys came running up the sidewalk. Much relief was had by all.

Being too late for dance lessons, we took BRyan out to Onyx instead to thank him for his help.

Mmm... yummy. Not cheap, but worth every penny in my book. Very knowledgable wait staff and delicious food. We shared some tapas including: the gourmet spring rolls, these little beef lettuce wrap things, some sort of little crocodile (yes, crocodile... we likened it to chicken with the texture of tuna) sausages, bread with french onion, sundried tomato and guacamole dips, and the divine bruschetta with roasted pumpkin, perisian feta, rocket, and pine nuts. We finished it off with a glass full of sliced strawberries and chocolate fondue.

This weekend we're going to see the jeweller.

Looks Good
Packaging can be everything. As is the case with this Flower perfume by Kenzo. I have no idea what it smells like, but I want it just for the pretty bottles. (And Sephora has a miniature set.) I might even go so far as to use this desktop wallpaper of the bottles. Pretty.

Other Than That...
We've been addicted to CuteOverload, and I need a haircut.


Feb 15 2006, 09:51 pm

Ohh I love cute overload too!!

I'm glad you didn't lose your ring, that would totally scare me too!

8:53 PM  

Feb 15 2006, 10:31 pm

aahhhhh!!!! i understand the losing your ring thing! there have been moments when i've left it/them in strange places and TOTALLY forgot...then left the house and realized it while i was out. talk about freaked out! i'm SO glad it wasn't really lost lost. :)
and hey...i wanna see a picture! :)

8:53 PM  

Feb 15 2006, 10:35 pm

hey! love you.. still waiting for your itinerary!!!!

8:53 PM  

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