Saturday, January 21, 2006

Old and New
OLD: I drove a car again for the first time in four months. Turn-indicator is on the right side, so I turned on the windshield wipers with vigor every time I got to a corner. It was late at night, and Marj coached me through it. No casualties to report at this time.

NEW: I was "Production Assistant" on a shoot yesterday. The office was shooting an ad for a radio station, and I got to keep track of timecodes for the director who is a friend of Hans'. The fact that I had to get up at 5:50 and the other fact that there were 50 children involved with the shoot aside, it was a good time overall.

And then we went out to our favorite sushi spot and walked to a cafe on the river for strawberries and cream for dessert, and it was such a lovely evening. Wheee!

Oh yeah, and at the dessert restaurant, there was a duo playing live music, and they honestly played "Midnight at the Oasis". But that probably won't matter to people who aren't huge Waiting for Guffman fans.


Jan 23 2006, 04:46 pm

who's not a huge fan of waiting for guffman?

11:01 PM  

an 26 2006, 08:26 am


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Jan 26 2006, 08:40 am

strawberries and cream...everything there sounds so adorable and romantic. i'm sure it's not that way you're actually there, right? or is it??? hehe.
had some chocolate cake the other day from max & erma's...made me lust for chocolate seduction. it wasn't nearly as good. (nothing ever could be!) made me miss you. :(
my comments are always depressing...that's why i don't leave many of them! i love you!!!!!

11:02 PM  

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