Monday, November 07, 2005

Pirates of the Indian Ocean
I admit it. I read headlines over the shoulders of people reading the morning paper on the train. This one caught my eye: "Aussies under attack as pirates fire at liner". Dang.

Oh Happy Day!
Longtime readers may remember my passionate plea to the McDonald's corporation to bring back the fried apple pies instead of the "healthier" baked version. (They responded with a basic go-fly-a-kite letter and a couple of coupons.) But today, we went to Maccies (aussie for McDonald's... yes, lame, I know) for lunch, and, JOY OF JOYS, I discover they still have the fried pies. Mmm... I might just stay here after all.

Lost in Translation
yonks (yonks)
n. years, ages, a long time
"Oh man, I loved that movie, but I haven't seen it in yonks."

I would like to take this opportunity to add that I haven't actually added these words to my lexicon as of yet. I may have slipped and said "arvo" once, but most of these words still sound just plain silly to me.



Nov 07 2005, 08:33 am

holy cow...maccies over there looks much better than here! and dang, i miss those pies.....they never can leave the good stuff alone, can they?

aaron would love the cadbury flakes. :)

maybe we'll have to come visit. teehee...anybody have like 3 grand we can borrow?

11:44 PM  

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