Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Christmas List
~ I ♥ these tealight candle holders
~ I also seriously dig this handbag in blue or tan.

Erm... Not Safe Here Either
I'm not particularly thrilled about the terrorism in oz reports, considering that this is the biggest city I've ever lived in and I take public transport daily. I wasn't too worried in Nashville, and even less so in the middle of Cornfield, Iowa. Just glad it wasn't in Brisbane.

Lost in Translation
youse (yooz)
pron. you, all inclusive
"Are youse going to be home for tea tonight?"

At first I thought this was a joke, but everyone uses it. I suppose it's the Australian equivalent to "y'all".

Gotta run!



Nov 08 2005, 12:41 pm

Hey! You're not in AU, you're in Chicago. "Are yous guys comin' over to watch Da Bears game?"

11:40 PM  

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