Friday, October 21, 2005

Xenophobia at Work
Gotta love this article I saw on a Queensland news website. Americans Dish up the Most Spam with this opening paragraph...
PENIS enlargement patches. All-natural Viagra. Debt consolidation. Sick of spammers clogging up your inbox? Well, you can blame the Yanks.
Yes, thanks.

And to help them out, I've googled "is America's fault" to see what else others are blaming the Yanks for...
  • poverty
  • the fact that terrorists exist
  • disappearing snow
  • AIDS epidemic in Africa
  • German obstructionism
  • Mexico's plight
  • Ireland's ban on smoking in pubs
  • everything that is wrong in the world
I Have a Brilliant Idea
I'm making a desktop wallpaper that I know I will enjoy, and perhaps you will too. Hopefully those who are offended will quickly see the humor in it. Whee... it's still formulating, but I'll let you know when it's finished.

Da Map! Da Map!
Read about Frapper! at Joshua's. It's like guestmap but better, using flags and the new-fangled Google mapping system. Following his lead, I put up one for the readers of this site, but I have a feeling my people are less likely to participate. Maybe it's because he has such an enticing title for his.

Check out our Frapper!

Lost in Translation
tea (tee)
n. 1. a warm beverage made by steeping certain tasty leaves;
2. the evening meal usually served between 6:00-8:00 pm
"Tea will be ready by the time we get home from work."

There is also "morning tea" and "afternoon tea", but so far as I can tell, those are just like snack times... though I'm not entirely sure yet.

What's On
Hopefully I am facing a relaxed weekend of joy. I have to do laundry something fierce, so hopefully it will be sunny. (Did I mention that most people here don't have dryers for their laundry? Yeah, I'm not used to that.) Tomorrow we're going out with the work peeps to celebrate the other girl's birthday, which should be exciting. We'll see!

Song for the Day
Comfortably Numb - Scissor Sisters
Can you go wrong with BeeGees meets Pink Floyd?



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