Sunday, October 09, 2005

  • Still culture shocked.
  • I am officially sick of everything to do with me having to be described as "American". So much for trying to blend in...
  • Marj took me to Three Monkeys the other night for good food and conversation while Hans worked late. Apparently Jack Johnson was spotted there not long ago, which probably seems cooler to those who even remotely care about him or his music.
  • Friday night we took a City Cat up the river to get to our dinner destination. They're "twin-hulled catamarans" that operate like the buses or trains, except they're on the river. We stood outside up front, and it was nice!
  • Yesterday we had the Harry Potter marathon. All three movies. Giant screen and projector. Good food. Great company. Good times.
  • New video up Look for me filming off stage right in the white shirt. The shots were Greg is in the foreground were from my cam.
  • Want some more random tidbits? Look here.


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