Sunday, October 02, 2005

Is This Really Happening?
Where else does a dinner party end with a didgeridoo demonstration?

Today was a good day. Our friend Alyda took me to visit our other friend Lisa, who I haven't seen since she left Nashville three years ago. It was great to catch up, and it felt like barely any time had passed.

I think the key to my survival is distraction. Because, when I got back to the house, my bro-&sis-in-law-to-be were here. We played games and then we had a little dinner party outside. It was so nice, and I barely remembered that yesterday had been another day from the PITS OF HELL.

Well, it was horrible until Marj, Hans and I went to Hogs Breath Cafe, where I had a chimichanga that almost tasted like real Tex-Mex. (In case you hadn't considered... there aren't many Mexicans here, and thusly there are very few Mexican restaurants. On the other hand, you can't throw a koala without hitting either a Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Phillipeano, Chinese, or Japanese restaurant.) What I especially loved about Hogs' Breath was that their slogan is "100% Australian", but the inside is decorated like your average Applebees with all sorts of crap on the walls... including a license plate from every American state. One hundred percent Australian except for that, I bet they meant.


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