Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Birds of a Feather
I saw a pukeko yesterday morning on our walk to the train! I was so excited, because I fell in love with them in New Zealand last year. Hans was unfamiliar with the little buggers, but I did find out that they are called Purple Swamphens here.

Lost in Translation
piles (piles)
n. hemorroids
"If you tell someone you've got piles, they might look at you funny and give you a round cushion to sit on."

I definitely think the words that are familiar to me but mean something completely different are the ones that are throwing me off the most here!

Livin' in a Cardboard Box
I got a couple of boxes from my mom yesterday. Chris called me in afternoon to say that they were at the house, and I was so excited to go home and have some more of MY STUFF around me. Little did I know how difficult it was going to be. Mom sent my jeans that I forgot and a few other clothign items I didn't have room for. Some DVDs, some cds, my stationary, a few books, my jewelry box, some koolaid and a few other snicky-snacks.

I had it all out on my bed, and I just collapsed. Probably my first really good homesick cry. I couldn't even look at the stuff. It didn't belong here. That book belongs on my nightstand back at my parents' where I left it. The jewelry box goes on that particular dresser. My giant camera case goes under my desk, which isn't even MY desk anymore.

Hans came up to my room and let me cry it out. He put everything back in the boxes for me and convinced me that it would be okay to go out into the lounge and eat dinner amongst the living even though I was tear-stained, red and puffy. *sigh*

Girls' Night Out
Tonight Alyda and I are going to see In Her Shoes. Figures crossed that it's better than the last film Hans and I went to over the weekend... Must Love Dogs. Ugh, that was horrible. Cheese-mo dialogue, awful delivery. Cusack was the only redeeming quality, but even that wasn't enough to even recommend renting it. But yeah, one of the guys at the office said that In Her Shoes was pretty decent, and he's one of those film industry people, so I'm going in with slightly higher expectations.

News From Abroad
Saw today that the last Australian who fought in World War I died this week at the age of 106. Just thought I'd share.

Oh and in other big Queensland news, they are putting fluoride in the water here. We were just talking about this a couple weekends ago, when I told Chris not to get any tin foil in his mouth, because I, being filling-free, have been told it hurts. And they were commenting about their non-fluoridated water and higher rate of tooth decay.

And from the Surprise Surprise Department, alcohol is linked to croc attacks. "Almost one in three people bitten by deadly saltwater crocodiles in Australia had been drinking alcohol before the animal attacked, new research has found." Yes, sober people tend to avoid being in the close proximity of wild crocodiles, unless your name happens to be Steve Irwin. (And people around here love it when you bring him up, as well. *rolls eyes*)


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