Friday, August 05, 2005

You Ring, She Springs
This post will only make sense to those who have lived in middle Tennessee and have seen the Grumpy's Bail Bonds ads or billboards. I forget who I was with when one of them came on, and someone made a comment about what a floozie Leah, the curvaceous owner and star of the commercials, was. Knowing a little bit about her and Kevin, her sharp-shooting husband, because they live next door to one of my clients, I was able to set the record straight. They are both Christians, and they consider their business to be a ministry. Given that information, the person who made the comment (also a Christian) was forced to relent.

I bring this up, only because I came across a blog that wrote up a nice bit about Leah, and they even pointed to an article that tells about her upcoming brush with reality television. Good for her! I'll have to keep an eye out for it for someone to tape for me.

Happiness is...
...having already seen Sigur Ros in concert, so I don't have to be completely jealous that Hans & Co. are going tonight.
...having the house to myself for a couple days. (Yes, my parents just left for Sturgis.)

A Conversation
Me: I should probably go; my dad might be trying to call to see if my mom is ready.
Manda: You don't have call-waiting?
Me: This family doesn't believe in call-waiting.
Manda: Oh, that's right. You're anti-call-waiting.
Me: And just so you know... I'm calling you from a rotary phone. It's teal. [See?]

Per Your Request
Here are the bevelled windows for Leslie. This one is in the living room. And this one is in the piano room which faces the west, so the afternoon sun makes the rainbows on the floor. (I didn't catch them at their brightest today though.) And these are my gerberas for Manda to see.

ArtLad. Steve makes fun of little kids' drawings, which is obviously evidence of insecurity about his own inferior art skills. (hehe)


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