Tuesday, August 09, 2005

So Long, Mr. Jennings
Dang. So I was flipping through the channels as I was eating my lunch and stopped on CSPAN (because I'm not only a geek, but a total nerd as well). Peter Jennings was on Booknotes discussing his book The Century. I noted that he really was a handsome, well-spoken, erudite man... as you'd expect for a news anchor. There was the sound of one phrase he said that made me want to look up whether he was born Canadian (which he was), and that was when I learned that he passed away yesterday. I don't think I even realized that he was ill. I guess that sometimes you take for granted the faces you see on an almost daily basis.

Happiness is...
...not living on the West side of Indy on race weekends anymore. (I meant to put that up yesterday.)
...updating my address book. I found the old one I used ages ago and loved in a box. It was quite liberating erasing certain names and adding new ones... and even combining a couple of them.

I Love My Chair
Do you love yours? Submit a photo at this site, and your could be in a book. And of all the successful entries, one person will win an expensive chair that will compete for the attention of your behind.


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