Saturday, August 13, 2005

Linky Links
The Pony Project: Artists are given the chance to make their own oversized interpretation of My Little Pony. (I was never allowed to have the unicorn ones.)

PotterPuffs: Harry Potter characters drawn PowerPuff-Girls style. Cute. (via It's like Flickr except for videos. I expect to be having movie-time of my goddaughter on a much more regular basis. Just sayin'.

Bat Watch 2005: Day Two
Okay, this isn't funny anymore. So last night Dad climbed up the ladder to inspect the area of roof where I believed there to be one of the bat entrance points. He basically came back down and said that we should call the Bat Man.

Fine. I leave the house and come back around midnight-ish. I determined that I was going to move back to my room, because I didn't think they could really get inside the room. I would just suffer hearing them in the wall.

I was sitting out here in the hall where my computer is set up and everything, when I thought I heard some noise in the attic. Okay... hate that too, but at least it's not down here. Then came the noise in the floor. This was the last straw.

I grabbed my pajamas and my pillow and all my sleeping gear and high-tailed it for the stairs. You see, being an old house again, we have these old antique registers for the air vents. While there is some duct work, there is also a lot of gaping space. Meaning: if there is a bat in the floor, it is only a matter of time before said bat finds its way to the register and emerges into either the hall or my bedroom, depending which side the register it comes out.

Once I got downstairs, I heard more noise in the ceiling and then... I heard it fall down inside the wall along the duct. So it obviously didn't figure out how to get out the vent and slipped instead or something.

When Mom found me on the couch this morning (with the broom next to me), she called to leave a message for the Bat Man. I was here when his wife (Bat Girl?) called back. This woman is my new best friend. She was very empathetic and knew exactly what I meant with all my sound effects and everything. I was a little disturbed by her constant use of the word "colony" and especially when she clarified that the average colony is 50-300 bats. Not to mention that the soonest they can get here is August 22, since this is their busy time because it is bat mating season. Great. I may just be sleeping at my brother's until then.

Happiness is...
...the idea of sitting and watching dragonflies. :)
...watching movies with my brother.

Last night Greg made me watch You Got Served. Some horrible acting. Predictable plot. But I have a thing for dance movies, so it wasn't too painful. Afterwards he said he was really looking forward to the sequal that they are filming right now.

I said, "Is that You Got Served [2]... as in, 'you got served... as well'?"



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