Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet nephew. If you keep having these birthdays, you're really going to start making Auntie D feel old, okay? Just keep that in mind before you decide to become a teenager next year.

Happiness Challenge
It's August, and that means another year of the Pretty Purple Princess Happiness Challenge. It's pretty simple really. Just take a second each day to post something that made you happy. It's that whole positivity thing in action. Go on and give it a try. All the cool kids are doing it. (Well, me and BigOrangeMichael anyway.)

Happiness is...
...airfare quotes under $2000
...walking in the middle of the street
...Star Wars: A Musical Tribute

The Things They Didn't Say
I found myself in the geneaology department of the library this afternoon. (The employee who pointed me in the right direction was a girl I used to babysit, but whatever.) Went through the files of my four greatgrandparent surnames.

I came across an article clipped out of our town's newspaper. I recognized the name. I thought I recognized the picture. But the story was news to me. I had to ask my mom about it when I got home.

Me: Mom? Did... your Uncle Stan die?
Mom: No. They still live in California.
Me: Is there more than one Stan [K]?
Mom: [knowing that I had been at the library] Not that I know of. Why? Did you come across another one?
Me: Well, I don't know. I saw an article saying that his parents received notification that he was missing...
Mom: Oh yes. He was captured and held prisoner for a while during the war... but he never really talks about it.

I'll say. NOBODY really talks about it. I had no idea. She said that something happened to his feet while he was there too. She wasn't sure but thought they were frozen or something that made it so he couldn't wear colored socks, because of the dye. The white socks were the only way she could tell the difference between him and his twin, Uncle Orv. I never knew...

Song of the Day
Holding out for a Hero
- Frou Frou
Gotta love Imogen.


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