Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Happiness is...
...the Forecastfox firefox extension.
...coming out of Walmart milliseconds before the skies opened in the most enormous downpour... and knowing it doesn't really matter if I get wet or not.
...the magnificent lightning and thunder show today.

Just Drive in and Get a Coke if You're Thirsty
I've been reading Web-Goddess for a while now, because she is a former Hoosier living in Oz. Imagine my jealous when I saw that she wrote that she met Parker Posey today at her shop. Parker rules.

Size Discovery
I saw this picture of the space shuttle Discovery and was thoroughly underwhelmed with its size. Maybe it's just me, but somehow I guess I always picture space shuttles as being these ginormous aircrafts that require larger-than-normal tarmacs upon which to land. (Does anybody remember the link to some site that compared the size of things like a tree, the empire state building, and, I think, a space shuttle?)

But I must add that this is an amazing photo from the spacewalk.

I [heart] this Miss Iowa Runner-Up t-shirt.


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