Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happiness is...
...being able to randomly rattle off pi to the 8th decimal.
...having coffee with Connie this morning. (Even though mine was in Iowa and hers in Tennessee. The conversation was what made it feel like there was no distance.)

The Shirt. Remember when it was cool to be able to turn a dollar bill into a ring? (Yes, I totally made those.) Well, there are so many other options when it comes to money origami. Steve sent me the link to the shirt, which is completely rad, and I'm about to go in search of ones. But that site has a bunch of other (less cool) ones as well.

Money origami is for sissies, you say? You are correct... at least when you constrast it against Star Wars Origami.

If only I still lived in Franklin... I would so want this shirt.

Random Tidbit
I'm pretty sure this melody that is stuck in my head is a Backstreet Boys song that segues into a worship song.


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