Thursday, August 04, 2005

Happiness is...
...coming home after working at my Dad's office and finding a beautiful, colorful bouquet of my FAVOURITE flowers on the table from my Favourite Person. *sigh*

Cool Things I Don't Have (or Really Need)
... should I ever have a child, this is my kind of high-chair. I'm so anti when it comes to all that baby crap you're expected to get. Maybe my heart will change when it's happening to me, but I doubt it. It's been five years since Manda's wedding loot turned me off to all things "newlywed", and you still won't see me registering for anything with silver bells on it.
... I almost got one of these photo mobiles last weekend. They were all over the Old Market, but I found them for $10.
(both via MightyGoods

At long last, Miss P's site is updated.
And I must mention that Joshua's new banner is beautiful. Look fast. It will probably be gone soon if he sticks to his regular design-evolution schedule.

I guess I haven't been paying much attention to news in the cinema world lately, but I had no clue they were making a movie of Rent. I've never seen it and barely know the music anyway, but it made me think of Erin. (LOVE!)


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