Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fricking Awesome Tee
Leslie pointed out this amazing t-shirt: Wholesome Midwestern Girl. Yesssss.

Bats (bats) Wings (wings)
I don't really want to talk about my night last night, because somehow it feels like if I acknowledge it in the daylight then it negates any possibility it that was my crazy imagination.

There is a creeeeature in the house. Exactly where, I'm not sure. It's a toss-up between being in the closet in my room or just inside the wall between the closet and my room. Either way, it is entirely too close to where I lay my head. Based on the sounds and the creature-history of the house, I'm going to go with a bat. But it made some rather disturbing noises that makes me wonder.

My first close-up bat encounter involved much screaming by me and Krystal at early hours of the morning and ended with our neighbor across the hall, Pabelo, grabbing it with a t-shirt and bringing it outside. (He even came back with a can of Lysol for us to disinfect. He had a good heart, despite all the drunken escapades of his we had to endure.)

Last night, I just sort of hyperventilated. Threw a blanket down along the bottom of the closet to attempt to keep it from escaping should it decide it wanted out. Then there was a lot of darting back and forth as I had to go back into my room for my pillow, and then the phone, and then my blanket of joy. All the while I'm trying to keep from waking my parents. (This is happening at 3:00 in the morning.) I decided to relocate to another bedroom up here, but I put a blanket down along the inside of that door as well. Double protection. Once I managed to get my heartrate back down, I did fall asleep... but I'm a sleepy girl today!

Happiness is...
...umm, knowing Mom's going to call "the bat guy".
...voluntarily painting the trim on the front porch so that the chipped paint doesn't drive me crazy anymore.
...Blue Bunny ice cream.... fudge nut sundae.

I'm It
I was tagged by Connie at Crimson Dove, so I thought I'd be a good sport and play along.

What I was doing ten years ago
Goodness. August of '95... I suppose I was relishing the last bit of time with my high school friends while getting ready to leave for college. If I recall correctly, this was also the summer of Pyzza (pie-za)... where my friends and I somehow managed to go four or five days eating only Totino's Party Pizzas.

What I was doing five years ago
This is a bit of a blur. Was this the summer that I met Erin, Allison, Josh, Jay, Aaron & Trevor? Anyway, I think I was living in the ghetto of Indianapolis with the crazy lady across the street who wanted to kill all the white people in the neighborhood. I was working for a telecommunications company and liked my coworkers a lot.

What I was doing one year ago
Living in Franklin, TN. Gosh, I don't know. Working for Bossman; getting ready for the big EP release. Saw Napoleon Dynamite for the first time last August. Planning my trip to Australia/NZ. Guess that's about it.

Went to a women's luncheon with my mom. Got stuck in a rainstorm when I went out to buy lightbulbs. Talked to my Man. Went for coffee with my buddy from high school.

5 snacks I enjoy
...white popcorn
...chips and salsa/hummus
...chewy chips ahoy
...oatmeal cream pies

5 songs I know all the words to
I can't think of specific songs, because I never know the titles... but here are a couple of albums I know in their entirety.
...Adam Ant's Manners & Physique
...Jekyll & Hyde (Concept Cast Recording) (complete with actions... just ask my college roommates)
...DC Talk's Nu Thang
...Madonna's True Blue (that one could be a little rusty)
...Earthsuit'soKaleidoscope Superior

5 things I would do with $100 million
...toss all my clothes and start over at Anthropologie ("send me one of everything, please")
...get all of Our family and friends in one location, if only for a day or two
...give to my friends and family who are raising support
...actually probably give a lot away
...lifetime season passes to Tiger Island. :) (Or better yet, make my own!)

5 locations I would like to run away to
...some little village in Ireland

5 bad habits I have
...not sending birthday cards/emails until after the fact (Happy Birthday yesterday, Josh. Oops.)
...apparently I scrape my teeth on my fork occassionally when I eat, according to my brother
...collecting water glasses in my bedroom
...I have a tendency to not open my mail for long periods of time, unless it looks like a real letter.
...not keeping track of my finances (not overspending, just not keeping any record)

5 things I like doing
...playing piano
...being crafty
...walking at night
...going to Universal with Manda

5 things I would never wear
...anything peach
...a two-piece bathing suit
...false eyelashes? (I don't know, I'm going blank here)
...those soccer-mom two-piece tracksuits
...a parachute

5 TV shows I like
...Iron Chef
...The 4400
...Project Runway, are they ever going to do another season?

5 biggest joys of the moment
...less than two months of waiting left
...knowing I'm Loved
...Iowa sweet corn (sometimes it's about the little joys)
...being around my family
...knowing exactly which box contains the item for which I am looking

5 favorite toys computer
I don't really have any others at the moment

Now I'm tagging
(Sorry if any of you have already done it and I've forgotten.)


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