Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bills Shmills
I cancelled the last of my accounts from Tennessee today. I no longer have renters insurance. I no longer have car insurance since I don't have a car anyway. My long distance is no longer. And I SHUT OFF MY CELLPHONE! Woot!

Yes, to the right you will see the phone I have used for the last four years. It doesn't text message. It doesn't take photos. It doesn't play music. It doesn't have cool ringtones. The display isn't in color. I can't play 42 different games. But I could talk on it, which was the ultimate point. Now I can throw it away, since I don't think even CellForCash would pay me for it. Maybe some technology museum would want this relic though. Hmm...

Happiness is...
...happening to look out a window and spying my brother helping an elderly man into a vehicle. Good kid.
...catching up with a high school friend for 45 minutes, making plans for coffee on Thursday, and potential plans to spend the weekend at the lakes with her.
...getting my refund check from Bellsouth. It's about time they send ME money for a change.

Perhaps more later...


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