Wednesday, July 27, 2005

History in the [Re]making
My parents have been redoing their main floor since March. I've been the unofficial interior decorating consultant, as I have the strongest opinions on the matter. See, their house is historic... built in the late 1800's. So I wanted to see them bring it back to the original character, instead of the "70's chic" I remember from my early childhood and the "crafty country" look from my teens.

I insisted upon two elements:

#1. Wood floor in the piano room. People pay big bucks for the hardwood floors we've always had underneath the carpet in half the house. I lost the battle on the living room and master bedroom, because Dad argued it would be too cold in the winter. But the piano room turned out gorgeous with its maple floor all polished up.

#2. Rehang the beveled glass windows. The piano room and living room have these giant picture windows. When I was a kid, there were these gorgeous beveled windows in the top third of those picture windows. They are something like this one, but wider with a slightly different pattern. When the afternoon sun would shine through, the prisms would make rainbows on the carpet... or on your legs if, let's say, you were sitting on the floor being Rainbow Girl.

We replaced all the windows when we moved the house fifteen years ago, but those fancy windows had been in the basement ever since. I begged for them to be put back up somehow. Mom wasn't sure she was ready to give up her view, but I wouldn't back down. Our carpenter framed them and hung them with piano hinges inside the picture window frames, and they are so amazing. Unfortunately, we didn't have them cleaned before time, so I spent this afternoon on a ladder with a toothbrush cleaning each mini pane of glass. (If I turn up dead in the next few days, have me tested for inadvertent lead poisoning.)

So Long, Earth. Catch You on the Flip Side.
I forgot about the spaceshuttle launch. The joys of media deprivation. Manda and Vickie both saw it from afar. I feel like watching Apolo 13 now, but I have no idea where my movies are. Mmmm... Ed Harris & Gary Sinise.

Midnight Snacky
I've been craving croissants since Someone mentioned them this morning. But specifically J. Alexander's croissants with their buttery-honey glaze on them. Mmm.

-- kathedraaaaaaaal? Turn any word into a google logo

-- I have yet to find my alarm clock, so I've been suffering with the World's Brightest Alarm ClockTM. It's like trying to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon sleeping next to that thing. That's beside the point. I would have liked this neverlate alarm clock back in my days of alternate wake times. Has seven alarms for each day of the week that can be set to the appropriate wake time for each particular day. I'd ask for it for Christmas, except the description doesn't mention if the display has a setting slightly dimmer than "par can".

-- A little part of me loves the tiger pillow. But where would one put something like that?

-- Thanks, Tommy. I read you daily too.


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