Sunday, July 03, 2005

But It's the Truth... HONEST!
I had a little phonecall that went something like this:
Poor Guy Stuck Calling People for Donations: (paraphrased) The Shriners are coming to town. How many children can count on your donation to pay for their tickets to the circus this year?
Me: I really can't commit to anything right now. I'm presently unemployed and don't have anything extra at the moment.
Guy: That's okay. I understand. We'll just check back with you next year.
Me: Actually, I'm moving... out of the country.

I hung up thinking I sounded like the biggest, fattest LIAR on the face of the planet.

The Infestation That's Making Me Crabby
Okay, so when you live with people, you learn to adapt to other people's habits. Sometimes these habits involve not putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher and/or leaving fruit on the counter until it is a black corpse of its former banana-y self. I can only suspect that these issues are what has contributed to the swarm of little fruit flies that have taken over our kitchen.

Bugs gross me out, okay. I know there are people who say that humans consume over a pound of bugs in their lifetimes. I, however, like to believe those people are LYING. I don't like bugs anywhere near where I am preparing food... especially these little kamikaze bugs who think nothing of diving head first into my freshly poured up of coffee.

So when I discovered that a couple of them went exploring and found my bedroom, it was the end of my proverbial rope. I will not rest until they're all dead. But the thing is that I have been killing them... and yet there are always more. I've tried to eliminate all breeding grounds, but nay, still they return. Now I'm reaching the point of insanity. I see a little black fuzzy on my arm, and I freak. "Are you moving of your own volition or am I hallucinating??"

It's not helping my already stress-induced sleeping issues. My saving grace? Only two weeks left of this place... and my mother keeps an immaculate kitchen.

Music of the Day
My packing endeavors have uncovered a whole slew of CDs I had forgotten about in recent years. Today it is Adam Ant All-Day Day. Okay, the only cd I have is Manners & Physique, but that's all I need. This album defined an era of my life. I totally stole (borrowed permenantly?) my sister's cassette of it back when I was in junior high. I'm sure that for the right amount of money I could be persuaded to break out my dance moves I had for each song too. (Did I just admit that?)


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