Saturday, July 02, 2005

Battlefield Boo-Hoo
I wanna play with the boys! :( Fine, play BattleField 2 without me. I'll just be a cheerleader.

Goooo feet! Gooooo feet! Gooooo feet! Go feet!

You Know Me
This is how I feel.

Widespread Panic
It's July. It is JULY. I need to pack. Like now. (I actually did box up most of the books off one of my bookshelves before lunch. I'm bribing myself that way. Now I have to put the other bookshelf in a box before I can make coffee... and you know that's going to be the quickest packing ever seen.)

Last Hurrah
My roommates and I are thinking about going to Kentucky Down Under for one last girlie outing. (How apropos, eh? I had no idea it was even there!) Either that, or we're going to check out the new IKEA that opened in Atlanta the other day. I'd be going along for the ride, as I have no money to buy anything, and no need for anything additional to haul back to Iowa.

Memory Bliss
All I have to say is PM Dawn on Hit Me Baby One More Time?! Amazing. And yes, I dug out all their albums last night. I'll listen to them after my music of the day...

Music of the Day
Shuffling between the new Royksopp and Kelly Clarkson. I have no excuses for that.


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