Saturday, June 18, 2005

Yes, I Heard
And yes, I'm barfing.

Word Play

Roommate: Have you seen how crappy the mat outside is getting?
Me: Would you go so far as to say we've worn out our welcome... mat?

MattoWertz: How are are you people on the hill?
Concertgoers: *screams*
Matt: Hill, yeah!

Yeah, so I spent the last of my entertainment budget going to Dancin' in the District last night. We got there in time to see Matt Wertz and band (with Dave Barnes on guitar). They put on such a great show. So great, in fact, that we were somewhat disappointed with Gavin DeGraw. Gavin's sound was fine, but there was nothing captivating about the performance. I would have had more fun listening to the cd while playing solitaire on the computer or something. Plus matt has way better merch.

Swing Me Over Hell on a Cornstalk
Seeing Rob Bell on Joshua's list of Heterosexual Man Crushes made me miss my Big Fil cd. That was the "band" Rob formed when he was still pastoring at Calvary. (That Todd guy who married Suzanne, Greta's cousin played drums, I believe.) They wrote little ditties to go with his sermons with such classics as "I'm Not Your Grandpa" and "Swing Me over Hell on a Cornstalk". Somewhere along the line I misplaced that cd, and I'm hoping that all this reshuffling of stuff as I move will unveil its hiding place. (Otherwise it seems to be for sale here.)

Music of the Day
More new Röyksopp here.


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