Thursday, June 02, 2005

Today's the first day of Hurrican Season 2005. I'm in Florida. Bring it on, Mother. Bring. It. On.

A Conversation
Manda, being in massage therapy school, is learning all the muscle groups of the body. She was pointing to the areas of the leg and reciting their latin names.

Me: I don't know why you thought that school was going to be hard. You're the memorization queen.
Manda: But I'm NOT... that's the thing.
Me: Whatever. All the words to "We are the World" -- right now. Go!
Manda: [laughs then sheepishly starts...] There comes a time... wait, do you want me to do it with all the voices too?

Allergic to Florida
Why is it every time I come to Florida I feel crappy? I'm either allergic to this place or maybe it's Maddie, but I was never sneezy because of the dog in Indiana.

Highlights from the past few days?
• Going to O'Charleys in Greensboro. (This is just a reminder for me to write the sternly-worded email to whoever decided it was a good idea to serve a quesadilla on paper in a little basket instead of on a plate.)
• Our hotel in Savannah was amazing. Just opened a couple months ago, so everything was nice and fresh. Plus each of our queen-sized beds had six, count them SIX, fluffy pillows on them. (Ahh, it's nice to know someone with a family discount there!)
• We visited the Smallest Church in America.
St. Augustine!! Lunch at a campy little cafe complete with a lounge singer doing everything from Led Zeppelin to Frank Sinatra. Brief visit at the Castillo de San Marcos. And toured the San Sebastian Winery complete with wine tasting.
• Listening to Can You Keep a Secret? in the car.
• Going out to Don Pablos with Jack & Leslie last night.
• Playing Halo 2 until I get carsick.

Another Conversation
Happening over xbox Live... with me, Leslie & Jack at the house, Erik at his house, and Matt in Hawaii. There was a question about who all was playing...
Matt: Are Jack and the girls on?
Erik: The girls, being Leslie and Amanda, I assume.
Leslie: Me and Danielle.
Erik: Danielle? Danielle who?
Me: Have you forgotten me already?
Erik: Godmother Danielle?
Leslie: Yes, godmother Danielle. Your godspouse.


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