Friday, June 10, 2005

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Poor Ron
Yesterday Jack sat with me at the airport, even after I insisted we get there early... even when the flight left an hour later than what I thought it did. (Thanks, Jack. Just think, if we had left any later, it would have cut short our ridiculously loud and long religious debate.)

So I took the little tram to the terminal and proceeded to wait some more. I was flying Southwest, which blows. I actually can't decide if it blows or if it just sucks. Flying Southwest may very well suck and blow at the same time. It's a veritable breathing pattern of sucking and blowing.

I digress...

Anyway, if you've ever flown Southwest, you know about the whole no-seating-assignment deal they have. Which means you have to check in 7 hours beforehand, so that you make it into the coveted Boarding Group A. This still means you have to box out the other 30 people who are going to race you to the Boarding Group A line... where you will proceed to stand and wait for 45 minutes just so you can get on the plane first and get the window seat of joy.

It sucks.

I was in Boarding Group B anyway. I didn't care.

So finally the preboarders are all on the plane, and Boarding Group A is a go. There is a lady about halfway back in the line, who starts yelling out, "RON! RON!!!"

I tried to spare poor Ron the embarrasement of having every single person in the terminal turn and look at him. The guy in front of me was visibly torn, but he, too, eventually turned to see what the crap RON was doing.

Soon the lady is to the front of the line and has to let the rest of Boarding Group A pass in front of her. "RON! ROOOOOON!!" She was seething by this point.

RON finally came bounding over with the soda he apparently couldn't live without, and they made it onto the plane before Boarding Group B. You just know poor RON got a talking to about how they didn't get to the airport at 9:30 in the morning just to lose their spot in line.

I love people watching though. Especially those with no apprent self-awareness. You people make me laugh on the inside. Maybe I should feel bad about that.


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