Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Little Story
There once was a band called redletterproject. RLP rocked and developed a following. Some of these faithful followers were referred to lovingly as the groadies and broadies. (For girl-roadies and boy-roadies.) There was one particular summer filled with tons of shows, many roadtrips, lots of photos, and one Lollapaluau. Those were the days.

Fast forward five years. Guitarist Trevor married Amy and had a baby (who is way smiley and cute). Drummer Josh has a new band and is months from being wed. Bassist Jay married Brandy... little Bean will be here any day now... and he has a new band. Groadie Erin likes Josh's new band... and not just because her man Jim is in it too. Me? Well, we all know what I'm up to these days. And then we come to Groadie Allison and Broadie Aaron. They finally got married on Saturday, and it was beautiful!

Wedding Weekend Recap

♥ Drove up to Lafayette.
♥ Had dinner at Olive Garden and tried to pretend that it was Mama's.
♥ Went back to Allison's mom's house for girl time (read: lingerie present time) with the bride and bridesmaids.

♥ Friday was a blur, but I remember ironing table runners.
♥ Ran lots of errands with Allison.
♥ Got to have our nails done.
♥ Rehearsal out at the farm. (The fastest and most painless wedding rehearsal I've ever been to!)
♥ Rehearsal dinner with lots of catching up with Jay & Josh.
♥ Slumber party at Allison's mom's house.

♥ Went to Aaron's mom's salon where the ladies did our hair. (I have to get those photos developed soon!) Final bobby-pin count: 39
♥ Went out to the farm to start getting ready for photos which were to begin at 2:00.
♥ Though it was hot and sweaty, I have to admit the afternoon was kind of fun. (Except for that little stretch of time where I felt nauseous due to lack of food or water or something.)
♥ Got to be in charge of the walkie-talkie up at the house. "We have a visual on the Brother; he is headed for the Barn. Over."
♥ Watching Allison and her dad get into the horse-drawn carriage made me weepy.
♥ The ceremony was beautiful. The weather couldn't have been better. The bugs didn't bite me. (Sorry, Erin.)
♥ Fun reception in the beautiful barn. Good food. Fun people. A swing on the swing with Steve. (happy now?) A little dancing. And the literal fireworks before the limo send-off.
♥ Called Hans when I got back to the house and asked if we could just elope. :)

In Other News
I missed my 10-year class reunion due to the festivities this weekend. (My heart is not broken over this.) Called Nate yesterday to try and get the scoop. Just got an email from him saying he didn't go either. WhatEVER! Guess Cory was the only representative of the Three Musketeers.

Brother Update
I guess he is most likely going up to Sioux City sometime today to have his little stone(s?) taken out. Seems like that kid has been on morphine for the better part of this year. Sheesh.

I found out this morning that my sister has had six kidney stones. Three of which were within the last two years. I remember a couple times when my dad had them when we were kids. Please, Lord, let my kidneys take after my mom's.

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