Saturday, June 11, 2005

Diggin It
I saw a Pontiac ad on television last night (the third one here), and my ears perked up. Could this be a revamped version of a Stone Roses song I've never heard? Better yet, have they arisen from the firey ashes to record again? No, seems it's a little group called Kasabian. From the minimal investigation I've done, it appears that they are oft compared to the Stone Roses. The point that makes me hestitant to check into more of their music is that Oasis is mentioned in nearly every article as well. And we all know how much I love to hate Oasis.

Missed My Anniversary
I was reminded by Someone that this past Wednesday marked my 4-year anniversary of being in Nashville. It was the best of times and the worst of times, but wouldn't trade it for anything. (I was going to scan in a picture of me kissing one of the horse statues in the Wildhorse Saloon, but I can't be bothered. But having been line-dancing there makes me feel like I've truly experienced Nashville.)

Spoon Me
I'm thrilled to learn that I can officially start collecting spoons. It's so hard to start a collection of anything, because really, unless you start out with a set of something, at the beginning you just have one of that thing.

Collecting spoons is in my blood. It's the Dutch thing to do. And it just happens that Hans' tante (aunt) brought me a present... a spoon! I'll have to get one from Nashville and one from Iowa to bring with me. (And if any Floridians find one with a Princess Fiona on it or something...)

With the wedding being just two weeks away, I decided to abandon my paleness in an effort to not be the only stark white bridesmaid. I found a coupon for a free trial tan here. Holy freckle-mania, batman. I can't believe I gave in... but I'm moisturizing like crazy and have no intentions of ever doing it again after the wedding.

I Need Those Cowgirl Boots ASAP
Connie has tickets to the CMA Music Fest for tomorrow. Is this what's known as Fan Fare? Or Boonadoocious or whatever? I don't ordinarily do country music events, but hey... we're entering my last month in Nashville... why not.


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