Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ba Ba-Ba-Ba Baby, Don't Forget My Number
My only friend from Michigan who I keep in any sort of semi-regular contact with-- Jason -- set me up with an account at SendGlobal.com. I thought my international long-distance rates were good with First Communications, but dang... it's tough to beat 57 minutes to Australia for $2.69. Everyone should keep this in mind come September when you are missing my voice and want to make sure I'm not homesick. *hint, hint*

And because Jason put some fundage into my account to start me off, everyone should patronize his stores when considering their furniture needs. He runs Dapperville (with all the cool European stuff I want) and The Furniture Loft (featuring the couch named after me... it being orange in the sample photo is purely coincidental, I'm sure).


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