Wednesday, June 29, 2005

3-2-1 ZERO
Allison and I tried Coke Zero the other day. I'm not a big Coke drinker to begin with, but I know that I do NOT like Diet Coke... so it was going to be a true test of my tastebuds. Surprisingly we agreed that it really doesn't taste too bad. There is a slight aftertaste which becomes a little more pronounced after it warms up a bit, but overall, for zero calories and zero carbs, one really can't complain.

One Ring to Rule Them All
Does anybody know their ring size? I heard that your ring size and your shoe size are often the same or quite close. (This site says so too.) I just need to know if I'm the only one, because I find that to be weird.

This Girl is So Dangerous
I rediscovered Michael Jackson's Dangerous album and listened to it almost the whole way home from Indiana. I get tripped up on the little details of music, so I spent probably a good half an hour rewinding this little section in "Keep the Faith", because there is a handclap that I like. (It's towards the end after his "nah nah" and the syncopated "keep the faith, don't let nobody bring you down" by the choir. Love it.) And umm, if I remember correctly "Will You Be There" has no less than three key changes.

Bauns... pinball meets tetris... sorta.


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