Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One of my roommates showed up at the house this morning and thrust her left hand weighed down by a beautiful square diamond under my nose. Newly engaged and planning an August 6 wedding, I'm not envious... no, nope, I'm not.

Surprise phonecall at 1:00. *sigh* That rocked.

Going up to Indy for the rock show tomorrow. Woot! Bringing merch with me, so I can write it off as a business -- which rocks. Staying with my girl and her boy... and get to meet Aimee which will rock... and may get to see my dear old friends Becky & John.

Did you know that a bag of lettuce left forgotten in the back of the refrigerator unopened will eventually liquify? This does not rock. By the way, lettuce is 96% water... for future reference.

Also For Future Reference
Secrets of Firefox 1.0


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