Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Does the Church Have a Stance on Gambling?
Did you know that people are betting on who will be elected the new pope? Something about that feels very wrong. On that note, check out the panorama of St. Peter's Square taken on Sunday of the mourners there.

Side Dish Heaven
If you don't know the joys of Taco Johns, you're missing out. Greg and I went this afternoon, and he introduced me to a delightful flavor combination. Potato Ol├ęs (essentially tator tots with seasoned salt on them) dipped in a mixture of their cheese sauce and sour cream. It's like a baked potato with a kick or two. Nice.

I'm Not Here
Daily Danielle Sightings: 0

Yes. Stealth-mode success! My aunt did call the house and asked about me. She was apparently surprised to hear that I was sitting on the floor beside my mom, but she didn't actually see me... so it's all good.

Mom and I pulled carpet staples out of the floor in the living room tonight. I now have a gigantic blister on the inside of my middle finger from a poor pliers-grippage technique. We also pulled wallpaper in the piano room. I don't ever want to do that again. Thank the Lord, they are painting this time around.

That's Right
Last night I was told that I am insanely geeky. YESSSSS! I rule!


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