Monday, April 04, 2005

A Dash of Silver
So upon the advice of a friend sensing my health issues, I am taking colloidal silver... nature's antibiotic. One teaspoon in a cup of tea on Friday. One teaspoon in a C Monster yesterday. One teaspoon in a glass of OJ today. I can't decide if it's working yet or not. I'll keep you posted.

I'm watching The Breakfast Club at my brother's house right now. Judd Nelson is still hot as ever. I think it's the hair.

Up through the Atmosphere, Up Where the Air is Clear
I flew kites with my niece and nephew this afternoon. It was a gorgeous day with just the perfect breeze. Say what you will, but Iowa can be nice.

Speaking of... I haven't actually watched Invasion Iowa yet, but I'm torn between thinking it is hilarious and being offended. But I did find out that my cousin was part of the drum corps in the opening episode.

I'm Not Here
Danielle Sightings: 5

I didn't tell anyone that I was coming home... mostly because I just want to rest and hide out and not get caught up in having to see a bunch of people, etc. However, it's a small town. Sightings are inevitable.

I've been here 24 hours, and besides the parents, brother, niece & nephews, my presence has been made known to:
· brother's roommate
· high school friend Sarah & husband (they were flying kites in the parking lot near my house and saw me outside with my niece.)
· Grandma (hasn't seen me yet, but found out that I was here at church)
· Nate (I couldn't not call him, but I haven't seen him yet either.)

Speaking of... only Manda will care, but Nate has a new roommate. Cory's wife had their baby last week. Elizabeth Carly (spelling subject to change).

We'll see how long it takes me to go crazy here. The remodelling project on the main floor means that the only television is downstairs. How cozy having everyone down there together. Actually, this afternoon Greg and I just sat on the floor in the empty hallway upstairs watching the kids play and chase ladybugs. It was surreal.

Must Haves
Everything You Like, I Liked Five Years Ago t-shirt. I need to get that to wear just once around Michael. They also have it in blue for the men.


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