Saturday, February 12, 2005

Su Casa es Mi Casa
House/dogsitting this weekend. There's just that whole wireless-cable-modem / basically-free-money tradeoff.

Have I Been Living a Lie?
Did anybody else see this?? Sunshine Good For Cancer Patients? While I do avoid the sun because my aunt had melanoma and I'm fair and a good candidate for it as well, part of the reason I stay in the shade is because sunburn fricking hurts. I can't imagine it being part of my cancer treatment.

-- Tommy discusses what does and does not go with peanut butter. An eye-opening look at flavor combinations.

-- Vickie rocked her performance review.

-- Allison witnessed a live-on-the-air radio proposal gone all kinds of wrong. (And she pointed out that Trevor has a new lighthearted blog about his wife, his child, and poop.)

-- In breaking news, my boobs are bigger than Erin's. Not quite sure when that happened, but dang. (And nothing like getting measured for a bridesmaid dress to make you realize it's time to lay off the beloved toffee almond bars.)

Badges? We Don't Need No Stinking Badges
I am sulking.
I am doing all the artist registration stuff for SXSW.
I am not going.

But, BY GOLLY, I'll sure be holding down the fort while everyone else is there.

A preliminary list of performers is now online, which we're not on... but Robert Plant is, MXPX is, and AMPOP is. (And for you, Anberlinlis.)

Song for the Day
Made for Market
~Buy me! Cause I’m made for market
Buy me! Cause I’m made especially for you~


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