Friday, February 11, 2005

I went to an incredible apologetics seminar last night. One of those things I wish I could have recorded, as I know so much good stuff didn't sink in. And now I'm strangely curious about The DiVinci Code, though I normally avoid the "best sellers". It's that whole "If I didn't discover it first, I'm not interested" curse I have.

Why do I think that new Kelly Clarkson song is the BEST THING EVER?

Here's three reasons:
1. The harmony on the "since u been gone" after the "stupid love song" line
2. The bridge
3. That video

Bush Royal Rampage: Not suggesting you waste your time at work, but I got 81600.

A Penny Saved (is a Penny Sent to Manda)
Well, I've done it. I opened another savings account. I know I could just as well keep my money in a shoebox under my bed, since the interest is a whopping 0.1%. I'm not entirely sure that the bank officer wasn't flirting, despite my comment about me not wanting it attached to a checkcard, as it is the Untouchable Wedding Fund Account. We live on opposite ends of the same subdivision apparently. Nice guy though, got me all hooked up. And a certified bank check is headed your way today. Woohoo!


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