Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Great Fishbowl in the Sky
Well, at least three fish have died on my watch. None of them are looking too good today, so more may parish before the homeowners return. They mentioned having a fungus problem before they left, but still... it's never a good thing when you're petsitting and THE PET DIES.

This, my friends, is why I have no living creatures relying on me. Except my plant. Which probably needs water.

Q. How does one find out if a cat is declawed?
A. When it comes and lounges on top of you when you are in bed, play with one of its hind feet until it swats you with a front paw. If you're bleeding, it's not.

For the record, their cat is not.

Virtual Keyboard: Looks stinking cool, but you gotta wonder how accurate it could be.

Oh and add these to my movie list from yesterday:
Once Upon a Time in Mexico (again)
Something's Gotta Give
Love Actually (again)
When Harry Met Sally
A Mighty Wind


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